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50 scenes that made my heart ache 
21st-Mar-2010 08:50 pm
bsg; sexual relations

Made for picspammy.
Spoilers for Being Human, Battlestar Galactica, Chuck, Dollhouse, Gossip Girl, Kings, Merlin, North & South, Pride & Prejudice, Skins, Veronica Mars, Firefly, Lord of the Rings, Misfits, and Mad Men.

This was the first scene of Being Human Series Two that made me cry. It was so heartbreaking. George was such an ass beforehand and I was upset with him, but this scene erased all of that.

Mitchell: George do you wanna watch The Real Hustle?
George: Oh I would really like that Mitchell. [to Annie] Women - think you're such authorities, like the way you deal with emotion is the only way.
Mitchell: It's not on!
George: Er, Yeah it is, it's on at 10:30.
Mitchell: No they moved it.
George: They--what?! No, you're kidding me?!
Mitchell: Oh I don't believe it!
George: No I was looking forward to that.
Mitchell: 10:30 Thursdays; that's 'Real Hustle time'. A fucking child knows that!
George: Could I just not have one good thing in my life...?
Mitchell: It just drives me insane when they move things around!
George: Don't I deserve it, don't I deserve one bloody crumb of happiness?
Mitchell: This is so ... what, so we're supposed to check every week! Like we don't have anything else to do! Is it our responsibility? Why's it down to us?!
George: I saw a preview, they were going to do a con about cashpoints.
Mitchell: Really? [George nods] I would have loved that. You bastards! Argh! [Mitchell walks into the kitchen as George sobs and Annie is incredulous. Mitchell walks back wearing rubber gloves.] There, I'll do the washing-up! Is everyone happy now?

When I first saw this, I didn't understand what was happening. It was so funny and my stomach nearly exploded from laughing so hard.

I was kind of surprised at how much I liked George and Nina this series, as I didn't like them last series. However, I was definitely rooting for them in the end. And Nina was so badass in the last episode.

Who didn't sob at this scene? I think this was the closure Annie needed (not that messed up Owen thing) and a real breakthrough for her character.

George: What happens now, Mitchell? What do we do?
Mitchell: We're going to get her back.

This scene was so heartbreaking. I cannot wait for the third series because I need my OTP to be reunited.

I had just started watching BSG (I completed the first season in a couple days, seriously. My first ship was Helo and Sharon. I was curious to see how they would do the big reveal, and both actors were so good in this scene.

I'm a huge fan of Trisha Helfer and Grace Park, and I wish they had more scenes together in BSG. The "awakening" for these two was so empowering.

This scene spooked the shit out of me, seriously. But it was so beautifully done.

Kara: Today is the first day of the rest of your life, Lee.

To be honest, I didn't like Lee at all. Fat!Apollo was the most hilarious thing to me. But when Lee turned around and she had disappeared, ... and the look on his face ... it broke my heart.

I love the relationship the Chuck characters have with each other. When Casey decided to join them, it made me feel so giddy. *loves friendship*

Woody: Why are you letting Sam Kinison and an Indian lesbian wreck your wedding?

JEFFSTER!!! Oh my gosh, everyone needs to youtube this now. Watch it now, starting at 35 seconds.

I saw this scene as a culmination of everything in the series so far, and I loved it.

I always thought Bryce and Chuck's relationship would be important later on in the series. When Bryce died, I cried inside because it was just so sad.

Adele and Topher were two of my most favorite characters in Dollhouse and their relationship was so well developed. This scene where he breaks down killed me.

I cannot believe these two got a happy ending. Joss Whedon must have been pretty happy that day, haha. But yes, Sierra and Victor's relationship was so lovely to me and this scene, where they were both entering into a war they thought they wouldn't survive, was so simple and wonderful.

I was rooting so much for Saunders and Boyd, and their ending was quite frustrating for me.

Zone: Having second thoughts?
Caroline: No way. I'm the lucky one. I get to start over.

Okay, first, what in the world happened to Caroline? I have no idea where she went after Isis got her body back. The last second with Topher, where he goes "huh?" and almost smiles while he regards the "To Remember" board, was so frustrating and well-done. I have no idea what was on his mind, and I hate that Joss Whedon didn't let us know. :/

Blair: Three words, eight letters, say it, ... and I'm yours.
Blair and Chuck forever! I really thought they weren't going to get back together after the previous season's finale, but this scene showed me the writers were planning on keeping them around for a while.

I am a Blair and Chuck shipper, but Blair and Nate was my first GG couple. Nate's a great guy and this scene was really touching. I squealed a bit in glee when Blair sees Nate and he turns around to smile at her.

Kings was such a smart and complex show. NBC really owed it another few episodes, at least, to be explored. Instead of ending how it should have, the finale was rushed. This early scene in the series was so eerie and beautiful.

Rose: Any moment, the king will walk through the door. [Outside, horns blast.] Ah, the king. The king!
Jack: I didn't want it to be this way, but we're here now. I take my place. His place. As you've always said Mother, many times, the people must see us be us. Even when we're not. We must be a family now.
David: It's true then. He [Silas]'s dead.
Jack: Mourn if you must. ... I was worried you wouldn't make this.
David: It was you. You saved my life. Why?
Jack: We're rid of the poison ... my father is gone it's my turn to rule. And I want to do it well. I need someone good around here. I will try to do right by your example. I swear to you from this moment on, I am your friend.

This scene only lasted a few minutes, but the acting in it was phenomenal. Rose's denial over Silas' shooting. Her face when she realizes her son had something to do with it. The bond between Jack and David as Jack explains his vision for a better Gilboa. Too bad it all went to shit after. ...

I really appreciated this scene because I think friendship is sometimes overlooked in Merlin. This scene, after a lot of built-up, showed how far Arther and Gwen were willing to go to save Merlin, their friend. I loved it!

Gaius is so important to Merlin, and I think this fact is overlooked in the series, too, so I really loved it.

I loved how these scenes were filmed. It, along with the music, just fit so well. The subtleties in Katie McGrath's acting was so perfect.

Okay, this relatively short scene took me almost 30 minutes to get through because I stopped to squee every 10 seconds. The lighting, the everything, and especially their faces before and after. It was a perfect first kiss.

Series two of Merlin really lacked evidence of Gwen and Morgana's friendship, so I told on to this scene. The glances between Gwen and Arthur at the end was so aching.

This scene broke my heart! I've been an avid Merlin/Morgana shipper, and Morgana is one of my favorite characters, so this scene really messed me up.

Margaret: I wish I could tell you how lonely I am. How cold and harsh it is here. Everywhere there is conflict and unkindness. I think God has forsaken this place. I believe I have seen hell and it's white, it's snow-white.

This scene made me realize just how good North & South would be. The music, composition, filming, and everything else was just so well put together. I held my breath while Margaret starting saying "I think God has forsaken this place."

John: Look back at me.

GAH! The look on his face when he realizes she wasn't going to look back. I cried a bit. These small, simple scenes are what made me fall in love with these characters.

John: You're coming home with me.[?]

I never figured out if this was a statement or question. Maybe it was mix of both. Gah, it was so lovely when he turned and realized she wasn't leaving him.

The split second where he touches her dress was so beautiful. I love this couple.

This film had amazing subtle scenes. There was so much sexual tension between Darcy and Elizabeth.

Darcy: I love you. Most ardently. Please do me the honour of accepting my hand.
Elizabeth: Sir, I appreciate the struggle you have been through, and I am very sorry to have caused you pain. Believe me, it was unconsciously done.
Darcy: Is this your reply?
Elizabeth: Yes, sir.
Darcy: Are you... are you laughing at me?
Elizabeth: No.
Darcy: Are you
rejecting me?
Darcy: So this is your opinion of me. Thank you for explaining so fully. Perhaps these offences might have been overlooked had not your pride been hurt by my honesty...
Elizabeth: My pride?
Darcy: ...in admitting scruples about our relationship. Could you expect me to rejoice in the inferiority of your circumstances?
Elizabeth: And those are the words of a gentleman. From the first moment I met you, your arrogance and conceit, your selfish disdain for the feelings of others made me realize that you were the last man in the world I could ever be prevailed upon to marry.
[There is silence. He leans in towards her, as if about to kiss her]
Darcy: Forgive me, madam, for taking up so much of your time.

This is my favorite scene from this movie. You could tell both of them have feelings for each other, but their pride and stubbornness are preventing them from telling each other. The split second where Darcy was going to kiss Elizabeth was so beautiful, really. Both Matthew and Keira were splendid in this movie.

I had a lot of faith in Maxxie and Anwar's relationship, so Anwar's dad's acceptance of Maxxie really cemented their friendship for me.

I didn't like Tony and Michelle's relationship that much, but I started loving them while Tony is telling her he loved her. I did not see that bus/truck/whatever coming at all, so this scene freaked me out so much.

I definitely didn't want Chris to die, but I knew Jal wouldn't see him again after this scene. I was sobbing at the end of this scene.

I love Michelle and Jal. This scene was just so poignant.

Series one started revolving around Tony and Michelle, so this ending scene between them acted as the end of their relationship and, for me, the end of this generation.

I really like Effy and JJ (not as a couple). I also thought Effy was a really big bitch in the beginning episodes of Series 4, so her pouring juice for JJ made me like her again. I really like friendship scenes, so I loved this one.

Like I said before, I love friendship scenes. JJ's mom face at the end made me cry (yeah, I cry a lot).

Even more than friendship scenes, I love family scenes.

OKAY, LoVe is magnificent. Logan running after her, to protect her. Her little kiss. Their ~passion~. The looks they give each other when they realized they just made out. Gahh!!! This ship was my life.

Dick: Dude, what the hell are you doing? Please tell me this is like, some new reality show called My Skank.
Logan: Goodbye, Dick.
Dick: What?
Logan: Get out of my house. You have a problem with Veronica, you leave. Actually, you have a problem with Veronica, you're pretty much dead to me, so just, like, evaporate or something, I dunno. That's pretty much a general invitation. If you don't like my girlfriend, then start heading towards the big rectangle with the knob.

I love it when couples stick up for each other, so Logan standing up for Veronica made me squeal so much.

Logan: So I guess we broke up, huh?
Veronica: What do you want me to say, Logan?
Logan: "Logan, I'm gonna go home and put my head in the oven because I can't go on living knowing what a heartless bitch I am!" Something like that.
Veronica: So you're saying you want me dead?
Logan: Yes.

Poor Logan. Poor Veronica. His face when he sees how much she hates him ...

Lilly: Don't forget about me, Veronica.
Veronica: I could never.


Logan: If cuddling is the best part, he didn't do it right.

Oh, Logan. His heart's breaking.

There were so many scenes I could have chosen for Firefly. I would have done a dozen scenes but I got to Firefly last and didn't have much room in my fifty choices. This scene started everything, because really, it's all about River, isn't it?

Boromir: I would have followed you, my brother, my captain, my king...

Oh my gosh, this scene ripped me to shreds.

Nathan: She’s got you thinking this is how you’re supposed to be. Well, it’s not! We’re young. We’re supposed to drink too much. We’re supposed to have bad attitudes and shag each other’s brains out. We are designed to party. This is it. Yeah, so a few of us will overdose or go mental. But Charles Darwin said you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. And that’s what it’s all about--breaking eggs! And by eggs, I do mean, getting twatted on a cocktail of Class As. If you could just see yourselves! It breaks my heart. You’re wearing cardigans! We had it all. We fucked up bigger and better than any generation that came before us. We were so beautiful! We’re screw-ups. I’m a screw-up and I plan to be a screw-up until my late 20s, maybe even my early 30s. And I will shag my own mother before I let her… or anyone else, take that away from me!

Nathan is spectacular, isn't he?

I do not like Peggy and Pete, and in this scene they both seem so weak, yet I loved this moment.

Screencaps by:
killcolor - most of the caps
letsey_x - Being Human
Desert Sky Caps
Keira Forever
22nd-Mar-2010 04:14 am (UTC)
Loved this! Topher will forever break my heart and omg Boromir ;__;
23rd-Mar-2010 01:14 am (UTC)
I always wondered if Whedon intended to have this ending, or if he just pulled it out of his butt when Fox decided to cancel his show. But yeah, Topher is amazing. And Boromir's death will always make me cry.
22nd-Mar-2010 04:16 am (UTC)
I really love your BSG and Dollhouse choices! <3 All those moments touch me too. (And I'm still annoyed Claire and Boyd didn't get a better ending, grr.)

Edited at 2010-03-22 04:25 am (UTC)
23rd-Mar-2010 01:38 am (UTC)
:D Their ending was so unfair. It was also really abrupt. They deserved better than that.
22nd-Mar-2010 04:40 am (UTC)
2) Convinced me to start watching Chuck again. And possibly start BSG.
3) Reminded me how much I LOVE Firefly and Skins (despite never finishing the second series...Maxxie/Anwar friendship was so precious)

Love you.
22nd-Mar-2010 04:43 am (UTC)
Oh man. How could I forget all of the N&S and P&P scenes! So right with the subtle scenes with those - I never knew a hand touch, a dress touch, or piercing looks by Richard Armitage with him saying "Look back" could be so incredibly poignant.

I never figured out if this was a statement or question. Maybe it was mix of both. Gah, it was so lovely when he turned and realized she wasn't leaving him.

That's the beauty in it. That small hope. And I loved that he sort of sees her in the reflection of the window first and turns around. And how she gives her trunk over to him without a word, with just a smile ♥
22nd-Mar-2010 04:49 am (UTC)
Wow, absolutely stunning! I love the Chuck and P&P panels most!
23rd-Mar-2010 01:42 am (UTC)
:D Love your Feist icon!
22nd-Mar-2010 05:14 am (UTC)
sdal;jkf I have never caught Bingley touching Jane's dress, and now I want to put in the DVD just to see it in action.
23rd-Mar-2010 01:44 am (UTC)
You should go watch it! I loved that scene so much.
22nd-Mar-2010 06:13 am (UTC)
I love the Pride & Prejudice and North & South scenes you chose. I absolutely love them. The "look back at me" made me cry.

This is a really pretty picspam :D
23rd-Mar-2010 01:45 am (UTC)
Thank you! Love your icon very much.
22nd-Mar-2010 09:25 am (UTC)
Awesome picspam! There's so many I like in it! And beautiful coloring!
I LOVE all the North and South scenes you chose, these are my fav of the entire mini series, so intense!
I love the Merlin one with Morgana poisoned, it was so heartbreaking and unexpected!
And the end of Skins s.1 too! And well, I've never been a George/Nina fan but their scene at the end of the 1st ep of series 2 made me cry!
And Firefly!!! I love River and this cliff was perfect! <3
23rd-Mar-2010 01:47 am (UTC)
Yay, I'm glad you liked the picspam. :)
22nd-Mar-2010 10:34 am (UTC)
You should put a warning for a need for tissues.

A LOT of awesome choices. Good job. XD
23rd-Mar-2010 02:01 am (UTC)
Awwwww. I'm glad you liked the picspam, though.
22nd-Mar-2010 12:25 pm (UTC)
Amazing choices :)
23rd-Mar-2010 02:02 am (UTC)
:) Thanks!
22nd-Mar-2010 01:53 pm (UTC)
The scene where Merlin poisons Morgana. OMG! This scene completely wins for me. Katie, Colin and Emilia knocked this scene for six. Especially Morgauses's desperation to save her sister but wanting to rid the world of Uther. Just pure perfection. ♥ Morgana is totally my favourite character too. She better have lots of juicy storylines in season 3.

Excellent scene choices.
23rd-Mar-2010 02:03 am (UTC)
That scene was so intense and awesome and sad at the same time. Excellent acting on everyone's part.
22nd-Mar-2010 03:37 pm (UTC)
When I saw that you'd picked that Jane/Bingley scene, I literally squealed. ADORABLE!
23rd-Mar-2010 02:03 am (UTC)
:D I'm glad you liked it!
22nd-Mar-2010 04:56 pm (UTC)
Lovely picspam! So many breathtaking moments here. Thank you for including N&S, and Dollhouse, and BSG, and LotR, and Firefly and the amazingness of the whole Logan/Veronica saga, and many more. Wonderful job!
23rd-Mar-2010 02:04 am (UTC)
:D I'm glad you like the picspam! Thanks!
22nd-Mar-2010 08:06 pm (UTC)
Boromir scene, eep! ;___; And Firefly does have a ton of emotional scenes; that was such a great show. I keep meaning to watch North & South (and read the book for that matter), I just haven't gotten around to it!
23rd-Mar-2010 02:05 am (UTC)
23rd-Mar-2010 08:36 pm (UTC)
Ohhhh, Chuck and Blair ;____________; that was so heartbreaking! And Boromir's death ;_;
Great spam! ♥
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