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Casting Skins Gen. 3 
18th-May-2010 01:21 am
romola; glorious 39
Well it looks like LJ Scrapbook is being wonky. *waits for it to be fixed*

Casting Generation 3 of Skins

Made for picspammy.

Even though I know Skins likes casting unknowns, I decided to cast Generation 3. Just pretend all the actors are British.

Let's get some things straight: I love Skins--it's one of my favorite tv shows. I enjoy how it takes stereotypes and let them play in totally out-of-this-world situations. I love the relationships between characters, some of which are my favorite ever. So this picspam isn't a criticism of Skins (or, well, maybe it is). :P You have to admit Skins has an at least kind of vague template for its characters.

01. Aaron Johnson as The alpha, who's kind of a douche but people are drawn to him/her anyway. Beneath his/her's cold and manipulating exterior is just someone who wants love and acceptance.

I first saw Aaron in The Illusionist and was like, damn! The alpha has to be hot, but also have a sort of rigid, roughness to him. I really feel like he can act the douche and the sensitive-on-the-inside guy.

02. Talulah Riley as The alpha's best friend, who's socially awkward and a walkover. Throughout the series, s/he finds her/himself and grows into a confident, strong person.

Talulah in the roles of Mary Bennet and Annabelle Fritton really show she can portray vulnerability. However, she can also show that she can kick ass. I liked the idea of having a boy/girl friendship vs. the same-sex ones we saw with Tony/Sid and Effy/Pandora. I don't know if it was my unconscience or not doing this, but my Owen and Lila shipping from Nearly Famous must have carried through. However, I do not want her and the alpha to get together.

03. Rooney Mara as The straight (wo)man, who has morals and is responsible. During the series, s/he becomes unhinged and finally lets loose.

I haven't actually ever seen Rooney in action, but I randomly decided to look through her fansite and she looks like she has a good head on her shoulders.

04. Imogen Poots as The Manic Pixie Dream Girl (or guy) that every guy wants to break his heart and every girl wants to be.

Look at her name. Look at her face. This girl screams whimsical, does she not?

05. Xavier Samuel as The Token Gay Kid who spends the series trying to make his/her loved ones (or him/herself) accept him/her for who s/he is.

I randomly stumbled on his fansite, and I fell in love ... with his face. I know nothing of his acting talent, although his wikipedia page says he's good, but I really liked him and wanted to put him in this picspam.

06. Katerina Graham as The Token Black Kid that the writers try not to make the Token Black Kid by giving him/her an incredibly amazing storyline (but in the end they play up the stereotypes anyway).

I fucking love her! Jal is in the top 3 of my favorite Skins characters, and if I casted the American version of Gen. 1 I would pick Katerina because she embodies that strong, won't-take-your-shit, but is also very emotional character.

07. Alex Pettyfer as The strong, openly confident, and sexual guy/girl who gets everything but is insecure on the inside.

This was also a purely superficial casting, although I've seen Alex on camera.

08. Juno Temple as The party animal/wild child/budding sociopath who sleeps around a lot, but is not as one-dimensional as s/he seems.

In all of the characters I've seen Juno portray, she's always been a little crazy. Maybe it's the hair.

09. Olly Alexander as The Comic Relief who the writers try to give a storyline ... actually, no, they don't try.

He's adorable, isn't he? I feel like he'd be such fun to be around.
19th-May-2010 05:12 am (UTC)
>>The Token Black Kid that the writers try not to make the Token Black Kid by giving him/her an incredibly amazing storyline (but in the end they play up the stereotypes anyway).

HA! so true...I hope the 3rd generations is more like the first. i found most of the characters in the second extremely unlikeable.
I definitely like the idea of Imogen, if only because I'd love to be able to look at her face onscreen for extended amounts of time ;P
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